Vacuum, Hoppers &
Silo Cleaning

Vacuum, Hoppers & Silo Cleaning

1. Blockage & build-up removal
We offer customised technologies for different kinds of blockages. These preventive solutions allow you to optimise your productivity by helping you regain your entire storage capacity. Products: AIRCHOC® Wireless air cannon & MACSYS Wireless multi-output air cannon.
2. Industrial vacuum cleaning
We offer wide range of industrial vacuum equipment to meet all your cleaning, pumping, and recycling needs: from 5 to 300 HP electric or diesel fixed unit, mobile or truck. Products: CAM, MOBNET, VALNET, UMA Compact, INC, GAD, SAM, PAD, Pre-separators.
3. Conveyor belt optimisation
We offer an innovative system that optimises the sealing of any belt conveyor. Problems regarding safety, reduction of dust emissions and maintenance costs can be resolved by our patented system. Products: LIFTUBE®
4. Silo & hopper cleaning services STANDARD INDUSTRIE International is also a service provider conducting operations for the cleaning and vacuuming of silos and hoppers with complete safety and without human intervention within your storage units. Products: POWERNET, GIRONET, Vacuum cleaning: CAM, VALNET & GAD