Quality, Health, Safety,
Environment & Security

Our Responsibilty

Every day, we strive to achieve excellence in the areas of health, safety, environment, security, and quality.

Our Safety Goal

  • Minimal work-related illnesses
  • Zero accidents
  • Minimal environmental hazards
  • Our Commitment

    Our Commitment


    We are committed to creating an incident-free workplace for all our employees and contractors, to that point our health policy and procedures are designed to minimize and manage any risk associated with health hazards where employees are engaged in any work activities and to familiarize employees with specific health hazard. We believe that all accidents are preventable and have put in place health policies to meet this commitment.


    In all we do, the safety of our employees and contractors comes first. To help ensure safety on the job, we provide comprehensive training programs to ensure our people understand our safety policies and processes and are prepared to act when necessary.


    Every day, we work to build a sustainable and resilient company for the people we employ and the areas in which we operate. We are committed to safeguarding the environment we all share for today and generations to come, by managing our operation in a way that minimizes impact to the environment.


    With DEBYL LIMITED operating in a variety of areas in the Oil & Gas industries we have made the management of security-related risk a top priority. We take all necessary steps to ensure our employees work in a secure environment.


    Our ability to deliver service and products that meet or exceed customer expectation and requirements is critical to our business success. As proactive and reliable partners, we are committed to customer satisfaction.