Specialty Services

Process and Pipeline Integrity Management Services

Since 1991 Debyl Limited has played a pivoted role in providing services that aid the smooth operation and maintenance of process plants to achieve maximum uptime. The unrivaled excellence in quality service delivery has accorded us a household name among the IOCs, NOCs, Plant operators, EPCs, petrochemical and underwater asset operators and service contractors. Our suite of integrity package ensures that customer’s plants are fail-safe and, in a leak-free condition.

We offer integrity assurance programs in the following domains:

  • Bolted Joint/Flange Integrity Management Services: bolt torquing, bolt tensioning, fitting etc
  • Onsite machining: using portable machines for pipe weld preps, pipe cold cutting, flange face machining.
  • Leak sealing: online and offline leak sealing, sealant injection, including leak repairs by clamping.
  • Hot bolting: MorSafe Hot Bolting – online changeout of corroded bolts and nuts
  • Pipe wrapping diamond wrap, epoxy sealing etc

We have an expanded pool of highly trained staff, service engineers and technicians with wealth of experience who are integrated into customer operations team to ensure the highest level of safety is adhered to and achieved. Our services come in handy at every stage in the life of an asset; either in constructions phase, commissioning phase, routine maintenance, planned shutdown, interventions, or final asset decommissioning.

Debyl LTD maintains a comprehensive in-country facility that houses machines and tools which are easily deployed during routine maintenance, or planned shutdown and intervention activities in offshore or onshore process plants.